(Webinar) Behavioral Health Coaching: The Key to Effective, Scaled Care
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On-demand access to behavioral health coaching, video therapy and psychiatry, and self-guided content that’s clinically proven to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

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We are Ginger.

We provide superhuman support for employees, so they can feel superhuman.

Super intelligent technology

At Ginger, our technology gathers the collective intelligence of our coaches, clinicians, and data points from over 1.8 million messages, resulting in insights that help us deliver high quality care, quickly and efficiently.


Our care providers are real people with extensive training in supporting the emotional and mental health needs of people. Chatting with a coach, therapist, or psychiatrist happens person-to-person and is never automated.

Our approach

Care provided for the whole company, and personalized for each individual.

One for all

One app experience, for all life’s challenges
Behavioral health coaching
One-on-one, human-to-human text-based coaching within seconds
Therapy & psychiatry
One-on-one, human-to-human video sessions within days
Self-led guides & assessments
Curated care resources and exercises recommended by your coach

All for one

Personalized care, for every individual
For your needs
Challenges with work, relationships, or general stress, anxiety, depression
For your goals
Understand your emotions, build self-confidence, take that next big step
On your time
Accessible on the bus, in between meetings, in the middle of the night
At your pace
Built-in assessments to ensure measurement-based progress
Works well with others

Employers work with us because we work for employees.

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Employees love the Ginger experience
"Working with my Ginger coach has been life-altering. I tell all of my coworkers about Ginger and encourage them to use this service."
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Proven facts

Clinically validated to help people feel better
Percentage of members who show clinically significant improvements in symptoms of depression after 12 weeks of care
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