for all.

Everyone deserves a chance at their best.

With Ginger, employers can provide their entire population membership to an on-demand behavioral health system that includes emotional-health coaching, teletherapy and telepsychiatry. All within an experience that people love.

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Members love us. We make them better.

2 Min

Average time to access a trained and supervised coach


Average coach rating after every session


Members surveyed feel better within 8-12 weeks


We hire great coaches, therapists and psychiatrists, then make them even better. How? By empowering them with insights generated from seven years of behavioral health data collection and research.


  • Thousands of cases reviewed are every year in clinical rounds
  • Coaches undergo 200+ hours of training per year
  • 100% supervised


  • Over 2 billion behavior data samples
  • Nearly 2 million clinical assessments
  • 45 million chat messages

Get started immediately.


Within seconds, members can start chatting with an emotional health coach.

Our coaches perform an intake to better understand the member’s needs.

Coaches then work with members to help identify and set goals.

if needed, we may:

  • Bring additional support onto the team, such as a Ginger therapist or psychiatrist
  • Recommend self-care content and exercises to help members progress on their goals
  • Refer members to additional behavioral health benefits, such as an EAP
  • If we detect signs of risk, we escalate appropriately

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