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COVID-19 Insights

Three HR Takeaways for Virtual Care During COVID-19

Learn how virtual care is helping to manage the unprecedented volume and severity of health needs during COVID-19.


2020 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health

This illuminating research presents the latest on what employees and job seekers want and need from their employers in a COVID-19 era

Case Study


After an uptick in suicide attempts and overdoses among Chegg employees and their dependents, Chegg's leadership rolled out in-the-moment emotional support.

Technical Paper

Addressing Mental Health Access Gaps Through an On-Demand System

This paper synthesizes existing evidence for virtual and collaborative care, while demonstrating how virtual delivery can address access gaps and improve clinical outcomes.

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Supporting Employee Mental Health During Uncertain Times

Learn how an innovative team-based approach to care, supercharged by technology, is responding to emerging mental health needs during these uncertain times.

COVID-19 Insights

HR Tips to Mitigate COVID-19's Mental Health Fallout

Here are five predictions around how COVID-19 will impact workforce mental health long-term, and what HR leaders can do about it.

Case Study

General Assembly

Changing careers can be stressful, which is why General Assembly rolled out on-demand mental healthcare for their domestic and international students.


COVID-19: Four Radical Changes in U.S. Worker Mental Health Needs

The Ginger 2020 Workforce Attitudes Towards Mental Health Survey showed that nearly 70% of workers feel more stressed during COVID-19 than at any other point in in their entire professional career. The impact: one third of U.S. workers are losing two or more hours of productivity per day from increased stress.

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The Mental Health Benefits Employees Expect from their Employers

91% of workers believe their employer should care about their emotional wellbeing. How do you fare?

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Behavioral Health Coaching: The Key to Effective, Scaled Care

Learn why leading employers are offering behavioral health coaching as a mental health benefit.

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Reimagining Employee Behavioral Healthcare

How BuzzFeed HR launched a new employee benefit and saw phenomenal engagement.

Case Study


Buzzfeed employees don’t have to wait for weeks to get help—find out how their company made that happen.

Case Study


Learn how the Sephora benefits team is providing behavioral healthcare for their entire population

Case Study


Employees don’t typically tell HR that they love their mental health benefit—but at Pinterest, they do.


Getting Behavioral Healthcare When You Need It

Why it’s so difficult to access quality care for your employees and what an HR Leader can do about it.


What is Behavioral Health Coaching?

Everything you need to know about this emerging class of care. How it differs from health coaching or therapy and when to use it.

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How Sephora 
de-stigmatized mental health at work

Hear how Sephora increased utilization for their behavioral healthcare benefits across 20,000 dispersed retail employees in 700+ locations.


Continuous Behavioral Healthcare

On-demand behavioral health coaching is transforming the industry, changing the way employees access behavioral health services -- moving care from episodic to continuous.


Ginger 2019 Behavioral Health Report

Stress in the workplace is bringing people to tears. Ginger's 2019 behavioral health survey looks at how stress is impacting your workforce.

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Improving the Employee Experience with Mindfulness

Ginger’s coaches teach techniques to boost employee resilience and productivity.

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Virtual Care: An Essential Return-To-Work Benefit

In this virtual panel, clinical experts from Ginger, 98point6 and Cleo discuss observations of employees’ current challenges, how virtual care has helped workers in unique ways through COVID-19, and why it will remain key in supporting employees’ return-to-work transition.