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These are uncertain times. At Ginger, helping people cope with life's challenges is what we do best. During this time, we're committed to providing resources not only for our members, but also for their families, colleagues, and communities.

Ground yourself with some mindful breathing.

Ginger Coach Elissa leads you through her favorite relaxation exercise, 2’s and 4’s Breathing.

Audio activities to calm your mind.

Counting Breaths

Learn a new technique to calm down in moments of high stress. This technique eases the fight-or-flight response by slowing your heart rate and breathing, as well as lowering your blood pressure. Counting adds a meditative quality to this technique, which can be particularly helpful for quieting persistent worried thoughts.

Grounding your stress

Grounding techniques help you calm your mind by focusing it on something else. When your mind has a healthy distraction, you get distance from the thoughts and feelings that are causing you stress. This distance gives your body a chance to calm itself. Let’s get grounded.

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